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Welcome to Train Mountain Institute

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    Train Mountain Railroad Museum Entrance

Train Mountain Institute owns Train Mountain and operates it for educational purposes.  Train Mountain is the world's largest model railroad with over 35 miles of 7.5" gauge track on 2200 acres near Chiloquin, Oregon.  See Map.

Train Mountain Institute :
       Provides a venue for educational programs with an emphasis on railroad education
       Operates the Train Mountain Railroad Museum
       Operates the Train Mountain Library
       Operates the Train Mountain Store
       Provides a venue for educational events and activities such as:
             the Boy Scouts of America
             Union Pacific Railroad training and safety meetings
             antique truck and car groups
       Organizes educational programs including :
             the annual Operations Meet
             Tours of the Museum
             Lectures on Railroads
             Lectures on 7.5" gauge Railroading

Train Mountain Institute cooperates with two other organizations in the operation of the Train Mountain project:

Train Mountain Railroad is a railroad club that takes care of the facility in exchange for being able to use the track and hold train meets.    

Friends of Train Mountain is a club that builds track and maintains the railroad.  Programs include the Big Build each September.  Friends also owns a Scenic Easement that protect the views from the track and leases part of the property on which it is working to expand the railroad.  From 2007 to 2015 Friends of Train Mountain has built about 9 miles of new track at Train Mountain and has replaced over 2 miles of track.

Membership -- Most people join the Train Mountain project.  They become a member in all 3 organizations.  Follow this link for membership information.

Donations --  Train Mountain Institute is a 501c3 public benefit non-profit.  Tax deductible donations are accepted in accordance with its donations policy.  You may donate online.

Major Projects -- Train Mountain Institute has been working on these Capital Projects :
      Improving the Energy Efficiency of Central Station
      Fixing the Sewage problems at Central Station
      Bringing the facility up to code
      Expanding Containerville
      Water System Repairs